When I was a boy, I wanted to be a farmer.

I wanted to be outside all day, work with the land to grow things, and I wanted to produce something that would let everybody know undoubtedly how awesome my little piece of the world was. It wasn't until I was older I realised the most expressive way to do this was with wine. And so my love affair started. After travelling the world, I've returned home to where it all began, having planted a small vineyard with a myriad of grape varieties to express the genuinely unique terroir of the Bay of Islands.

I'm passionate about creating wines that not only taste great but tell a story of a time and place. My vineyard is unirrigated, exposed and elevated, with a complex mix of volcanic clay soils, making for a sensationally rich depth of flavour in the small crops I yield. All of the work is done by hand and most of it at night-time. I love my home, and I hope you love these wines as much as I've enjoyed making them for you.